Introducing Elvira Faye Thompson

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Introducing Elvira Faye "Kincaid" Thompson. Elvira is portrayed by Sue Vickroy.

Picture yourself as a pioneer traveling West. In Kentucky you stop to rest and are invited to sit and visit with Elvira.

You will marvel as she tells you of her life in Virginia, her courtin', marryin' and movin' West. She proudly shares her stories of quiltin', how her patterns came about and also of her joys, tears, and life on the frontier.

If you have any interest in Quilting or history, Elvira would love to visit with you and your club or organization

The program lasts 30 minutes and up depending on audience participation.

Elvira Faye will gladly schedule a visit with you!


For more information, please call or email: 
Sue Vickroy
312 N. Miami Ave
Bradford, OH 45308


Dennis Lemon
3548 St Rt 571
Greenville, Ohio 45331
937-547-1880 Home
937-564-7429 Cell
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